Shopify Speed Optimisation Services in Sweden

The faster your site is, the more you convert

With the ever-booming eCommerce terrain and shrinking time that users have, you either have a fast website or see your visitors going to a site that is not a tortoise. Our Shopify experts have 8 years of experience in building and optimising sites that rank high on Google Page Speed Insights. When you choose us as your Shopify Speed Optimisation company, we optimise the overall performance of your site to make it your sales vehicle.


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    Rank on the First Page of Google with Shopify Speed Optimisation

    Our skilled Shopify developers analyse the pitfalls on your website to pinpoint what is holding you back. When you avail our Shopify speed optimisation services, we create enriched user-experiences with the help of a fast loading website. A website that loads fast gives a signal to Google that it is user-friendly. It enhances your ranking in search results and helps you get found by your target audience.

    Why is a Fast Website Important?

    Besides boosting your visibility in search results, a fast website helps your business in several other ways.
    • Reduces Bounce Rate- When your website loads quickly, users can easily search the products they are looking for, without waiting for long. It ensures that visitors stay on your site, further reducing your bounce rate.
    • Boosts Conversion Rate- A fast loading website impresses visitors. Availing services from a Shopify speed optimisation company further keep the visitors engaged and add up with other elements to boost your conversions.
    • Increases Revenue- A minor improvement in your website’ loading speed can create a huge difference in the revenue your Shopify store generates. If you are investing in marketing activities to grow your revenue, optimise your website’s performance first.

    Our Shopify Development Services


    Our talented team of designers beautifully transform your website from concept to conversion stage. We build a website that resonates with your brief and acts as a strong foundation for your digital success. Every element of the website is designed keeping the buyer’s psyche in mind, encouraging them to take the call-to-action.


    Our developers build custom functionality apps to extend the capabilities of your Shopify store. When you partner with us for your Shopify store development, we build advanced functionality apps to ease buyer journeys, provide them more choice and most importantly glue your brand’s name their mind.


    Whether you want to migrate to Shopify or from Shopify to another platform, our Shopify development experts work hard behind the scenes so you can freely enjoy the results. During this complex process, our technical heads migrate your content, SEO redirects and all the important information within minimum downtime.

    Shopify Plus

    We help enterprises to scale their business to extend their customer base further and take their business to new heights. As Shopify Plus experts, we build futuristic solutions for ambitious brands like you. It includes everything from automating your mundane tasks to creating augmented reality experiences for your prospective buyers.

    How We Shape the Success of Your Shopify Store

    1. Client Discussion

    When you choose us for developing your eCommerce store, one of our experts gets in touch with you to discuss your requirements and guide you with their valuable insights.

    2. Planning

    Based on the discussion, we create a roadmap of how to build your website. It involves breaking down your project into small tasks and setting internal timelines.

    3. Design

    It is the first step of the actual action and helps us to create a traditional or modern, minimalist or edgy website, as per your preferences discussed in the first stage.

    4. Development

    Our developers build custom apps to cater to your specific business needs and integrate innovative functionality that helps you stay in your visitors’ mind.

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    What Makes MakkPress the Right Shopify Development Agency for You

    8+ years of Expertise

    We have dealt with several roadblocks over 8 years to establish ourselves as a trusted name in the digital terrain.

    Quality Par Excellence

    Our happy clients across the globe and high client retention rates are a testament to our quality of services.

    1200+ Clients across Verticals

    Over the years, we have worked with brands dealing in oral hygiene products to brands selling statement jewellery. We leverage insights from our diverse portfolio in general and your niche, in particular, to help you with insights that help you grow your business.

    Marketing Competence

    Our experts build websites based on the best search-engine practices. It ensures that your website is marketing-friendly. It not only helps you to enhance the fruitfulness of your marketing efforts but helps in building a loyal customer base for your brand.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    When you partner with us, we assign an account manager who will be your single point of contact. It will not save the time of contacting different people associated with your project but also ensure that you get timely updates and quick reply to all your queries.

    Conversion-Centric Approach

    As a web development company with a humble origin, we understand now matter how beautiful your website is, it is conversions that generate revenue. Right from the strategic placement of discounts to the placement of your CTA buttons, we take every step based on buyer psyche.

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