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Combine the power of search engine optimization and PPC to create a rewarding combination for your website. Reach out to our target audience organically to significantly bring down your ad spend with our pro level Shopify SEO Services.


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    Why Should You Pay Attention to SEO of Your Shopify Store?

    Often Shopify store owners do not pay attention to the search engine optimization process because it takes time. However, those Shopify store owners do not know that a paid ad platform becomes costlier with more number of people using them.

    Search engine optimization helps to rank your website in top search engines like Google and Bing. It means you get found by your target audience even when you are not running ads.

    Some of the benefits of Shopify SEO services include-

    • It helps in identifying the real-time behavior of your audience because ads are based on instant shopping mechanisms. On the other hand, SEO gives you insights into the real-time behavior of your audience.
    • These insights can also be beneficial in targeting customers while creating paid campaigns.
    • SEO is crucial for the steady growth of your Shopify store.

    Brings Stability to the Business Model

    SEO should be the absolute choice if you have more aspirations with your Shopify store than a fast cash cow. It works best over a more extended period and registers your brand in a customer’s memory.

    Depend Less on the Mercy of Paid Ads

    Running paid ads is like being at the mercy of the platform. Sometimes, even when you have worked on all the aspects, ads do not fetch the intended results. However, with SEO, you plan for the long term, and hence your Shopify store stands the test of time.

    Generate Sales with Zero Ad Spend

    SEO demands time. Hence, when you hire us for a longer period, we turn your Shopify store into a brand. Customers search for it and shop from it. Therefore, sales generate zero money spent on the ads.

    Stages of Our Shopify SEO Services

    Our Shopify SEO services are divided into 5 major stages. By following these stages, we build you a custom Shopify package with a keen focus on marketing to help you to generate sales and grow your eCommerce brand.

    1. Technical

    In the technical part, we emphasize on the technical aspects of your Shopify store such as SEO friendly URL structure, robots, canonical links, index no follows, and ensure reliable site maps. Besides this, we focus on providing a fast loading website that keeps the users hooked on to the site.

    2. Product

    Products are the primary focus of any eCommerce website. We ensure that website structure and usability are appropriate so that potential customers can focus on the product range you are offering.

    3. Content

    This stage involves checking the content on the website, such as service pages, product pages, contact page, and homepage. Our Shopify SEO experts adhere to the concept that there should be no redundancy in content.

    4. Sales

    After the basics are done, we focus on building authoritative links that help in the high ranking of your store in significant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This blend of content and authority links generate inbound sales without having to pay for the ads.

    5. Branding

    This is where SEO starts to show its true worth. All the hard work done in previous stages starts paying off. Your targeted audience identifies your store as their go-to solution for their problems.

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    How to Choose a Shopify SEO Services Company?

    It is not easy to choose the right SEO services company to increase relevant organic traffic and sales. This crucial decision can be a “make or break” moment for your Shopify store.

    1. Have a Clear Vision for Your Store

    It is best to have some specific goals in mind before employing an SEO agency to work on your Shopify shop. If you’re seeking to “gain organic visitors” or “earn more sales,” SEO can get you there.

    A search engine optimization company will understand right away what your expectations and intentions are. It will create a customized quote for the amount and kinds of search engine optimization services the agency expects it will take to realize those goals.

    2. Look for Companies with Experience of Shopify

    Look for a Shopify SEO services provider that has experience with SEO campaigns. There is considerably more at stake when every visitor to your website is a possible customer, while SEO for eCommerce is very similar to other types of SEO.

    SEO experts understand what it takes to create a user-friendly website that search engines and users love.

    3. Beware While Choosing the Right Company

    Beware of SEO agencies that guarantee you first page rankings within a month. Mind you, even when your website is optimized properly, it takes some time to reflect the results.

    There are also “black-hat” SEO companies that attempt to deceive or manipulate Google’s algorithm but can cause more long-term damage than short-term earnings.

    Why Choose Our Search Engine Optimization Services for your shopify store?

    Nothing to Hide

    We charge no hidden cost. We send you the receipt if we have to make a purchase. We work on any strategy only after getting approval from you. You get regular updates on the tasks and campaigns. You get regular updates on the tasks and campaigns.

    Worth the Budget

    We provide the value for each penny spent. When you partner with us, we value your money and every step we take is in the direction of making your business grow.

    Experienced Team

    We have a team that has experience of over 10 years in providing SEO services to Shopify stores. We use the latest technology that is relevant and provides the best results.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    We appoint a dedicated manager for your queries related to the strategy, deliverables, and organic lead generation campaigns.