Shopify Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

With more than 8 years of expertise, MakkPress is a featured Shopify partner. Our Shopify PPC experts have optimized PPC campaigns of medium and small scale businesses and helped them generate great ROI. Let our team handle the task of setting up and managing your PPC spend. Our company caters to your PPC needs, from running audits to setting up and optimizing campaigns.


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    Effective Shopify Google Ads Management with Conversion Tracking

    Shopify may have become the efficient hosted platform for running an online store but getting the right traffic to your store in what makes you leap ahead of the curve. MakkPress has years of experience in growing eCommerce businesses using pay-per-click advertising for online stores. When you choose us as your Shopify PPC company, we take utmost care of the nitty-gritties of your ad campaign. We run, manage and track your campaign to help you utilize your time in fulfilling orders and keeping your customers contended.

    • Right from setting up your ads account to optimizing your ads for best performance, we cater to all your Shopify PPC needs with ease.
    • We create highly convincing ad copies that induce the target audience to click and filter the audience, so only the relevant audience clicks on the ad.
    • As eCommerce PPC experts, we optimize your ads with appropriate extensions to create a sense of credibility and encourage actions.

    Our Competencies as a Shopify PPC Company

    • A comprehensive Shopify PPC audit of the website. This includes tracking implementation, technical set up, the accuracy of the feeds and the quality of the landing page.
    • In-depth keyword research for your Shopify store.
    • Competitor research for your Shopify store to additionally aid your SEO efforts
    • Generation of ad copy and A/B testing to ascertain the best and accurate results.
    • Optimization of the Shopify landing page
    • Bid optimization depending on the competitiveness of keywords
    • Reducing your cost per click
    • Helping you find keywords at a competitive price
    • Increasing your quality score so your ads cost less
    • Speeding up slowwwww sites.

    6 Steps Exclusive Blueprint for PPC Marketing for Shopify

    We have created an exclusive blueprint for PPC marketing on Shopify that brings in impressive sales and profit for our Shopify clients. This exclusive PPC blueprint is a result of our 8 years of hard work and the implementation of innovative marketing for Shopify Stores.

    A Shopify PPC campaign that brings in sales and not just clicks has special characteristics. We have a team of experts that work specifically on Shopify PPC ad campaigns. In this exclusive blueprint, we have simplified the process of PPC campaigns for Shopify. The 6 steps are based on the data and results, both individual and general.


    What Makes This Blueprint “Exclusive”?

    As the name suggests, the PPC blueprint is exclusive to your business model. No one gets a piece of it. This is what makes it unique. It is a result of our 8 years of hard work and dedication that we now have the formula that makes a Shopify store successful.


    What Do We Have in the Exclusive Shopify PPC Blueprint?


    1. Competitive Research for Strategy Formulation

    We get in touch with you and learn about the goals, aspirations, and audience of your Shopify store. We dive deep into these aspects to find out what matters most to your audience. It helps us to create a foundation for the branding of your Shopify store.

    We conduct market research to identify keywords that will not only bring in relevant people but also help you create a brand with the help of your PPC campaign. We focus on factors that bring in profit to your business. These factors include design, keywords, bidding, content, and a lot more.

    2. In-depth Site Audit & Recommendations for Your Shopify Store

    We perform an in-depth site audit to get a better understanding of your Shopify store. It helps us to create a solid exclusive blueprint for your store’s PPC ad campaign.

    What Our Deep Audit Includes

    1. Technical Site Audit-We run a technical audit on your Shopify store to make sure that it complies with the parameters set by Google and other search engines. Our parameters include site speed, internal links, sitemap, and more.

    2. On-Page Audit-On-page SEO needs to be just right if you want to rank your Shopify store for the selected keywords. It includes content, page structure, keyword mapping, and more. Our experts audit your store for these factors and give you a report on how to fix them and optimize your store.

    3. Off-Page AuditOff-page SEO is as important as two others. It is all about backlinks and your approach towards them. We audit your website’s off-page activities and give recommendations based on that. Our team has years of experience in building powerful backlinks that boost your ranking to the top.

    3. Identify Areas of Improvement

    After the in-depth site audit, we identify the areas of improvement and work on them to help your site to rank better in prominent search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our team of experts has an individual experience of 10+ years in ranking dropshipping stores.

    4. Sales and Branding on Automation

    After we make the required changes, we apply our automation techniques to bring in the sales. It helps you focus on the scalability of the business while we create an automated system for the sales and branding of your Shopify store.

    Again, this strategy stays exclusive to your Shopify store.

    5. Discovering New Customers and Retention Marketing

    Our system works on finding new customers and retaining the existing customer base. This requires segmenting your prospective buyers and creating streamlined campaigns as per your target audience.

    Our team of experts creates and executes strategies to bring out the best ROI and profits for your Shopify Store with the excellent execution of the PPC campaign.

    6. Measure, Track, and Refine

    Our team of experts measures and tracks the results of the campaign. We believe you can only improve on what you measure. Also, it gives us insight into what is working and what is not. It helps in the better investment of the resources and further fuels your business growth.

    With the help of the results, we refine the process.

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    An Insight into the Shopify PPC Process

    We Build

    When developing a new campaign, we commence with keyword research, ad grouping driven by logic and exceptional copy which converts the visitors into eminent buyers. If you are already running a campaign, as an acclaimed Shopify PPC company, we will conduct a review and help you in rectifying the follies you are making.

    We Analyze

    Before we spend a penny on your ads, our developers will work on your Shopify store to ensure all the tracking we need to measure and optimize is in the right place. As per this, our profound team will analyze your relevant data to ensure that you are armed with both the mandatory information and an effectual strategy that deploys the best results that you are dreaming of.

    We Report

    We create automated reports and in-depth monthly reports that monitor your campaign results clearly and thoroughly. We quantify, evaluate and adjust your reports accordingly so that it becomes easy for you to have a thorough understanding of the campaigns.

    We Test and Review

    Out team of splendid Shopify PPC experts will test that what is working well and what isn’t. We take notice and emphasize on the better PPC advertising opportunities you can exploit across a wide range of channels.